Ranqer Simulator Chair - Racing seat - Racestoel

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Race like a world champion in the most exciting online races or improve your driving skills on the digital circuit with the Ranqer Simulator Racing chair. It is an essential accessory to complete your racing setup. The Ranqer racing chair is compatible with all available gaming systems, such as PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The racing chair also offers excellent mounting options for the most commonly used steering wheels.

- PU leather
- Adjustable seat
- Perfect racing position
- PC, Playstation and Xbox compatible
- Fanatec and Thrustmaster compatible
- Touchpoints to ensure sturdiness
- Coated surface to minimize scratches

Note: EXCLUDING steering wheel, pedals and TV bracket.

Product afmetingen: 55 x 130 x 114 cm

Normale prijs: € 299,00

Aanbieding prijs € 239,00

met gratis verzending!

Ranqer Simulator Racing Seat

Are you a real gamer looking for a simulator racing chair that prioritizes comfort during long and intense gaming sessions, that offers a more realistic and immersive racing experience to enhance your gameplay? Well, look no further, because we've got you covered with the Ranqer Simulator Racing Seat. With the rising popularity of esports, racing simulator seats have gained immense traction. Professional racers, including Formula 1 drivers, utilize simulators for training and leisure. Embrace this growing hobby with the Ranqer Simulator Racing Chair, designed for both enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience.

The Racing Seat with versatility for all gamers in mind

The Ranqer Simulator Racing Chair stands out for its exceptional versatility, catering to a wide range of gaming preferences and needs. Its adaptability lies in its thoughtful design and features: Designed to be compatible with various gaming consoles and platforms, this chair seamlessly integrates with popular gaming systems, ensuring gamers can enjoy their favorite racing titles without compatibility concerns. The chair features adjustable controls, allowing users to customize the seat height, backrest angle, and armrest positions. This adaptability ensures that gamers of different body types and sizes can find their optimal seating positions for ultimate comfort and support. While specifically tailored for racing simulations, the chair's ergonomic design and comfortable padding make it suitable for a variety of gaming genres. Whether you're racing, exploring vast virtual worlds, or engaging in intense battles, this chair provides the support needed for extended gaming sessions.

Durable Racing Chair for multi-purpose use and enhanched gaming immersion 

Built with high-quality materials like PU leather and a sturdy metal frame, the chair offers durability and longevity. Its robust construction allows it to withstand the rigors of intense gaming and ensures it remains a reliable companion for gamers over the long term. Along with touchpoints at the bottom of the frame that are designed to protect the floor from scratches, reduce noise, and, provide stability to the chair by ensuring even weight distribution. The realistic racing experience provided by the chair enhances immersion, making it ideal not only for gaming but also for virtual reality (VR) applications. Its immersive design allows gamers to fully engage with the virtual environment, whether they're racing on iconic tracks or exploring fantastical realms. Beyond gaming, the Ranqer Simulator Racing Chair doubles as a versatile seat for various activities, such as watching movies, working, or simply relaxing. Its ergonomic features make it a comfortable option for any task that involves extended periods of sitting.

A gaming chair that makes you a racing champion

Racing games have been around for decades and are used by many major racing teams to help drivers master new circuits. The Ranqer Simulator Racing gaming chair helps improve your racing skills by perfecting your gaming setup to your racing game. With its comfortable cushion and adjustable backrest, E-racing has never been more accessible. This Racing Seat is the chair for those who like to spend several hours in front of the racing simulators in maximum comfort, thanks to its high-quality material and focus on ergonomics. The seat and backrest are made from high-quality PU leather to ensure maximum durability and a comfortable foam padding at the back for exceptional comfort for hours of gaming.

Immerse yourself in realistic racing simulation

No other sport can be replicated as well as racing in a car. You can literally use the same steering wheel, seat and pedals as in a real car. Furthermore, unlike almost any other sport, the driver does not have to move much. If you sit still too long on a normal chair, certain points start to hurt, because you are constantly tightening your muscles. The Ranqer racing chair solves this problem by adopting a reclining position to improve your ergonomics. The Ranqer Simulator Racing gaming chair is one of the most important factors for the success of a racing game. The PU leather and the chair make you feel like a real car, in combination with an e-race game you get the same dose of adrenaline you wanted to simulate. Furthermore, thanks to its ergonomics, the racing chair relieves pressure points during long sessions.

Customize your racing experience with a racing chair

The racing seat features a strong metal frame around the seat for support and adjustable controls. In addition, the Racing Seat also offers support for a monitor that can be mounted on the front of the frame. Thanks to the special coating applied to the seat, you won't see any scratches when you adjust it. All of these qualities give you a racing seat that will allow you to speed up the game and take you to victory for years to come!

Complete your racing setup with Monitor Mount and Gearshift Mount

Elevate your gaming experience to new heights by enhancing your racing setup with Ranqer's premium accessories. The Ranqer Gear Shift Mount ensures seamless gear changes, adding a realistic touch to your racing simulations. Crafted for precision and durability, it provides a stable platform for your gear shifter, enhancing your control and immersion during gameplay. Pair it with the Ranqer Monitor Mount, designed to support monitors of various sizes, optimizing your visibility and creating a captivating gaming environment. The sturdy construction of both mounts ensures stability, allowing you to focus entirely on your race without worrying about shifting gears or adjusting your display. With Ranqer Gear Shift Mount and Ranqer Monitor Mount, you can fine-tune your setup, creating an immersive and authentic racing experience that pushes your gaming prowess to the limit. Upgrade your gaming station today and dominate the tracks with confidence and precision.

- Fanatec and Thrustmaster compatible


- Dimensions: 70 x 136 x 108 cm
- Material: Steel
- Adjustable backrest 90-180
- Max weight: 100kg
- Chair weight: 24kg


1x Race seat
1x Metal frame (without TV bracket)
1x Fastening parts

- Delivered in box, dimensions box: (W) 83.5 x (H) 56.5 x (D) 43 cm

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Merk Ranqer
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Materiaal Kunstleer
Product afmetingen 55 x 130 x 114 cm
Gamestoel eigenschappen Racing chair simulator, Verstelbare rugleuning
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Dimensie doos (L * B * H) 83.5 x 56.5 x 43 CM